Bilateral cooperation between ASF and European and International bodies

According to Law no. 113/2013 approving GEO 93/2012 on the establishment, organization and functioning of the Financial Supervisory Authority, with subsequent amendments and additions, the FSA is substituted in all rights and obligations arising from the regulations, conventions, understandings, protocols, memoranda, agreements to which the National Securities Commission (CNVM), the Insurance Supervisory Commission (CSA) and the Private Pension System Supervisory Commission (CSSPP) are party. Thus, the understandings, protocols, memoranda, agreements concluded by the CNVM, the CSA and the CSSPP, in force at the date of adoption of the GEO, remain valid and are taken over by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

In order to ensure the exchange of information and technical assistance necessary to achieve its supervisory objectives, the Financial Supervisory Authority may conclude Bilateral and/or Multilateral Memoranda of Understanding. Thus, in addition to the Multilateral Cooperation Agreements signed with European and international bodies, the Financial Supervisory Authority has also concluded bilateral cooperation agreements with similar authorities regulating and supervising the non-banking financial sector, with a view to exchanging information and technical assistance to achieve its objectives.

Since 2013, the Financial Supervisory Authority has concluded Memoranda of Understanding with similar authorities in Abu Dhabi (2018), Qatar (2018), Hungary (2015) and the United Arab Emirates (2014).

In the field of insurance, the Financial Supervisory Authority (through the former CSA - until 2013) has signed agreements with: Macedonia (2011), Moldova (2006), Switzerland (2006), Austria (2005), Slovenia (2005), Poland (2004), Germany (2004), Bulgaria (2004).

In the field of securities, the Financial Supervisory Authority (through the former CNVM - until 2013) has signed agreements with: Ukraine (2012), Israel (2007), Albania (2005), Jordan (2005), Spain (2005), Srpska (2005), Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2005), Hungary (2005), Czech Republic (2005), Croatia (2004), Serbia (2004), Lithuania (2004), Montenegro (2004), Brazil (2004), Egypt (2004), Macedonia (2004), Poland (2004), Bulgaria (2004), Italy (2003), Luxembourg (2003), Turkey (2003), Moldova (2003), Cyprus (2003), China (2002), Portugal (2001), Greece (1998).

In the area of pensions, the Financial Supervisory Authority (through the former CSSPP - until 2013) has signed an agreement with Macedonia (2012).