ASF celebrates financial education at World Investor Week

Bucharest, 3 October 2022 - The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) is organising, in partnership with the Institute for Financial Studies (ISF), a series of actions and events dedicated to financial education from 3 to 7 October 2022, under the aegis of World Investor Week (WIW). These aim to raise awareness of the importance of acquiring non-bank financial market knowledge among students, young people and the general public.

The first action of the WIW week, now in its sixth edition, brought together today at the Bucharest Stock Exchange almost 90 high school students who participated in the opening trading session. In addition to the physical presence of students, students from high schools across the country were also present online.

Another event, which will take place during WIW, is the webinar Meeting with a successful entrepreneur - addressed to students and master students, where Iulian Stanciu, Executive President of Emag, will be invited. He will talk to young people about how an idea can become a successful business, but also about how to overcome delicate moments in the life of a business. The event, which will be live on ASF's Facebook page and Youtube channel on Monday 3 October 2022 at 19.00, is part of ASF's program dedicated to the university environment - the Academic Lab.

Within WIW, ASF has planned a series of financial education actions at secondary, high school and university level, but also in partnership with capital market entities.

World Investor Week is an initiative of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). The Financial Supervisory Authority is a member of IOSCO and as such supports the efforts of the organization, which launched the World Investor Week concept in 2017, recognizing the need for financial education in the context of a changing financial market and increasingly risk-taking behavior.

ASF runs an annual financial education program which, for the school year 2022 - 2023, includes several hundred schools in all the counties of the country, plus Bucharest. Within the Academic Laboratory, ASF's program for the development of financial education in university education, seminars will be organised in more than 25 ASF partner university centres.


Main actions organised by ASF under the aegis of WIW

The bell rings at the BVB! –- an event that brings together 90 students at the Bucharest Stock Exchange to participate in the opening of the trading session and an interactive lesson on investments.

The webinar Meeting with a successful entrepreneur - addressed to students - the ASF guest is Iulian Stanciu, Executive President of Emag - the event, which will be live on the ASF Facebook page and Youtube channel, on Monday 3 October 2022, from 7.00 p.m., is a component of the ASF program dedicated to the university environment - the Academic Lab.

The event Entrepreneurship - a continuous challenge, which will have as guest from ASF the entrepreneur Marian Alecu, one of the biggest names in Horeca entrepreneurship. The meeting will take place at the Romanian-American University.

The Start2Learn program for students - the pilot project Start2Learn: Personal Finance - a comprehensive financial education program of ASF and ISF, supported by volunteer financial market specialist lecturers - will be launched. It will run in parallel with the national Start2Learn program developed for the non-bank financial market.

The Investment Academy, a program run by the Institute of Financial Studies and the Financial Supervisory Authority, dedicated to students.

Academic FinHub, a dialogue between representatives of major academic centres and those of the economic and financial world, on: The importance of knowledge, use and development of behavioural economics research in the training of financial market professionals.

StartFin - accredited continuing professional training course for teachers, run by ASF and ISF.

The Financial Wellness program for workplace education:

  • course for teachers and educators; ASF will provide the trainees with a unique teaching material in Romania: The Adventures of Commander Fin, an applied learning workbook, which can be downloaded from;
  • Seminar with employees of the Romanian Post Office (Poșta Română) (a newcomer to the program).


Webinar dedicated to parents, children and young people in pre-university education, in which the guest is Mihai Avădanei, psycho-pedagogue, trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Theme: Financial success, rational outcome or mere luck?

Start4Life – within this program, A.S.F. will organize a financial education info-trip to Bucharest for children and young people from Casa Lidia, a family center located in Domnești commune, Ilfov county.

Registration for the 4th edition of FinClub, a national program for students in grades 10-12, developed at ASF's initiative together with the National Bank of Romania, the Ministry of Finance and the Romanian Association of Banks.

Registration for ASF Student Club, a program dedicated to students and master students passionate about the financial world.

Registration for the ASF Olympiad, a competition on financial education for 8th and 11th grade students.

The financial education tent, distribution of information materials in the Obor Market area in Bucharest.

The national drawing competition "FinPitic and the Financial World", organized by ASF from 3 to 9 October 2022 for 3rd and 4th grade students who are passionate about financial stories - voting phase.

IBAN Code Registration, Depozitarul Central will offer the possibility to register the IBAN code free of charge for holders of financial instruments.

More on ASF's financial education projects can be found at