Press Release: Online financial education club- 4th edition

The Financial Supervisory Authority in partnership with the National Bank of Romania, the Ministry of Finance and the Romanian Association of Banks organizes the fourth edition of the financial education program - FinClub - aimed at high school students from 10th  to 12th  grades, school year 2022-2023, passionate about the financial market.

The programme involves the creation of a financial education club whose activities will take place in the form of twice-a-month online meetings from 20 October 2022 to 11 May 2023. The theme of the meetings covers topics related to the knowledge and deepening of financial notions and concepts. A new feature of the 4th  edition is that the mentors are with their students during the club meetings.

FinClub registrations can be made online from 5 October 2022 to 17 October 2022. The registration form and Club Rules are available at and on the Financial Supervisory Authority's Facebook page.

The FinClub online financial education programme was launched in September 2020 and is based on the Cooperation Protocol on Financial Education concluded (in 2018) between the National Bank of Romania, the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Ministry of Finance, the Romanian Association of Banks and the Ministry of Education aimed at carrying out joint activities in the field of financial education and developing the National Financial Education Strategy (SNEF).


Bucharest, October 5th,  2022