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    Decisions adopted by the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority

Decisions adopted by the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority

Bucharest, 17 November 2022 – During today's meeting, the Council of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) adopted measures on the functioning of the supervised non-bank financial markets - insurance, capital market and private pensions, as follows:


A)  Regulation

Approval of the proposals to amend and supplement the Code of Depozitarul Central approved during the meeting of the Board of Directors of Depozitarul Central on 19.07.2022;

Notification to the European Banking Authority of the intention to apply the provisions of the Guidelines on the criteria for the exemption of investment firms from liquidity requirements in accordance with Article 43 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2033;

Rule amending and supplementing the Financial Supervisory Authority Rule no. 19/2021 on reporting and transparency obligations in the private pension system (the rule will be sent for publication to the Official Gazette of Romania);

The draft Regulation amending ASF Regulation no. 20/2017 on motor insurance in Romania (the draft will be published on www.asfromania.ro for public consultation for 10 days).


B)  Authorisation

Authorisation of Mr. Mitu Stelian as Manager of SSIF Tradeville S.A.;

Approval/authorisation of Mr. Kuldeep Kaushik as General Manager of NN Asigurări de Viață S.A.;

Approval of Ms. Adriana Mihaela Matache for a new mandate as Deputy General Manager of Allianz-Tiriac Asigurări S.A.;

Approval of the simplified prospectus prepared with a view to increasing the share capital of Romcab S.A. and the issuance of the Certificate of Registration of Preferential Rights for trading on the regulated market administered by BVB;

Application of the exception to the reporting obligation under Article 9 para. (1) of Regulation (EU) no. 648/2022 (EMIR) for OTC derivative contracts concluded intra-group by Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania S.R.L. with Deutsche Telekom AG;

Approval of the amendment to the partial internal model for the calculation of the solvency capital requirement of Uniqa Group and Uniqa Asigurări S.A., member of Uniqa Group.