Financial education, celebrated by ASF during Global Money Week

Bucharest, 18 March 2024 – The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) will organise a series of actions from 18 to 23 March 2024, on the occasion of Global Money Week (GMW), dedicated in particular to promoting financial education among children and young people.

GMW events mainly aim to raise awareness of the importance of financial education among teachers, pupils and students, as well as the adult population, and to improve access to financial education concepts and information for children and young people.

"Financial education is one of the strategic objectives of ASF, both from the perspective of consumer protection and the development of non-bank financial markets. Financial education must be a continuous process, regardless of age and professional background, as financial products and services are in a constant dynamic. For this reason, we have developed financial education programmes covering all categories of consumers," said the President of the Financial Supervisory Authority, Mr. Alexandru Petrescu.

During the first event of GMW week, the First Vice President of ASF, Mr Gabriel Avrămescu, opened today the trading session at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, together with high school students with economic profile. The students also participated in an interactive educational activity, aimed at understanding some notions about the stock market. The beginning of the GMW week also marks the launch of the new issue of the financial education magazine dedicated to pre-university teachers.     

GMW week will feature a series of workshops, lectures and competitions for pupils, students and teachers as well as adults, providing an excellent opportunity for all those who want to improve their financial knowledge.

On Monday 18 March, ASF lecturers will hold a series of actions at the University of Oil and Gas in Ploiesti, within the Academic Laboratory, a programme dedicated to the university environment, and on Tuesday 19 March, a webinar will be held for pre-university teachers on "Good practices in financial education". On Wednesday 20 March, a webinar on investing will take place as part of the Financial Wellness programme for adults in the workplace. Throughout the GMW week, through the Start2Learn programme, financial education classes will be organised at the Elementary School No. 56 in Bucharest. And on Saturday, 23 March, the final stage of the ASF Olympiad, a national financial education competition for pupils in grades 7-12, will take place.

Depozitarul Central joins GMW and offers free of charge for one month, starting March 18, the IBAN registration service used by shareholders to make dividend payments by bank transfer.

Global Money Week is an international event held under the auspices of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), where entire communities join forces to foster better financial literacy, to challenge outdated financial policies and to give young people the tools and inspiration to shape their own futures. Launched in 2012, the initiative brings together organisations from 176 countries and involves over 60 million children and young people.

The events organised by ASF during GMW week can be found HERE.